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Be Fully Relaxed & Fully Engaged Under Increasing Pressure

Want to experience consistency, relaxation and joy in a simple TELOS Tennis exercise that takes just 15 minutes? Watch the video below and have your first TELOS Tennis Breakthrough. It won’t be your last!

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“My Partner and I are both 4.5's. After the "Introduction to TELOS" workshop we used "The Breathing Thing" and took down two 5.0's! Peter is on to something big!!!”
— Dana G., USTA, 4.5, 55 and over
“It is surprising that no one has ever taught me this before, and how important it is, and how much better I played right away. Peter is on to something big.”
— Doug E., 48, NY, NY
"I don’t understand how no one else is teaching this simple and amazing way to learn.”
— Mina A., 32, London, England
“Most amazing tennis lesson I have ever had. In one hour I made more progress than in the 57 years I have been playing tennis.”
— James L., 62, Paris, France
"It's like I'm not working, but I am."
— Chris Haggard, former top 20 in the world on TELOS Coaching
"I am not a believer in this holistic stuff, but this breathing thing clearly works. I can see my progress on the court. It is so simple. I am shocked."
— Dr. Ken C.,


Whether you want Consistency, Power, Accuracy or you want it all, we have what you need to make it happen starting today. Become a member of the community, buy the whole curriculum, start with one of the three packages, or simply bring a TELOS Pro to you & start getting better every time you play.

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